From displaying items to KPI calculation

Smart merchandising and trading analytics control

Checklists for  stock availability control and  display of goods

The application includes checklists compiled with the participation of merchandising professionals: for  controlling the availability of the entire range of goods, compliance with the rules of display, the required number of faces, the quality of arrangement, placement of promotional materials and  price tags.

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In "Shelf" a flexible checklist designer allows you to create any checklists according to the company's standard. For the convenience of users, indicators are grouped into  sections. Values can be added manually or a list can be loaded.
The division of retail outlets of the network into categories (levels) is provided. Loading the list of nomenclature of goods with binding to types of outlets —upon request. The number of items in the  checklist and  checks on  them is not limited.
Suitable for control in a wide variety of industries:
* The subsystems included in BSP cover such areas as infobase administration, administration of program users, setting up access to infobase data, maintaining various regulatory and reference information


Central base
Here reference samples of checklists, lists of trade-spots, kinds of audits, schedules are created. Information on audits is collected and reports are formed.
Integration to the accounting system
It is implemented upon individual request. Setting up of interchanges of items mix data, trade-spots and others.
Mobile application
Here employees can see audits planned for them, results are marked. All data is immediately transferred into the Central base.

Automatize quality control processes. Make work with your reports convenient and pleasant. Save time and money with mobile services!
  • Convenient checklists planner and customizer
  • Transparent and comfortable supervisors’ work by standardized checklists.
  • Consolidation of audits results information to a unified base
  • Connection between managers, regional heads, supervisors and merchandisers.
  • Multiple analysis of the results of inspections
  • Flexible reports’ setup, diagrams build-up, export to printers.
  • Installation to your server or cloud
  • Integration to “1C: Trade management” and other 1C software

Examples of reports:
Rating of territorial managers

Object verification control

Rating of violations

Dynamics by months

Rating of objects to be checked

Download reports in a convenient format

1. Plan
The manager receives consolidated reports on all trade-spots in real-time mode
4. Act
Merchandiser eliminates violations revealed and afterwards reports the results.
2. Do
Supervisor conducts items availability and display audit, marks the results into the mobile application.
3. Check
The manager receives consolidated reports on all trade-spots in real-time mode
Correct items display in terms of high competition has already become an important tool influencing customers’ choice. Quality and price are always significant, but item’s appeal, all other conditions being equal, can be of crucial importance. A number of experts consider up to 2/3 of the decision being taken directly at the store. There generally recognized item display principles, which both merchandisers and salesmen follow. They are visibility, accessibility, tidiness, suitable look of the front row, fill of shelves, pack’s appeal, readable price marking, specific place on the shelf, regular stock replenishment.

We have developed a convenient tool for:

  • Paperless audits by checklists
  • Fast correction of shelves conditions.
  • Planned and operative audits of trade-spots.
  • Automated reports formation in real-time mode
  • Trade-spots employees' KPIs calculation.

In 2018 Rospotrebnadzor audits will be held by auditorial lists (checklists). In order to prepare for audits and avoid fines we advise to organize self-checking by own quality control department. This will let the management to constantly stay tuned, eliminate violations timely and build an effective motivation system.


The owner and the developer of the products under “MERASOFT®” trademark is “Optimal algorithms” LLC. The company was established in 2010 and acts as the official partner of “1C” company and «Bitrix24». The main profile of the company is development, implementation and support of information systems based on “1C” company’s software products.

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