Mobile application for education, training and certification of sales personnel.

автоматизация чек листов проверок
автоматизация чек листов
Checklist, questionnaire, list of standards for field training is now in your smartphone.
Qualification and efficiency of specialists will grow faster!

MERASOFT EPO (electronic field training) simplifies the work of the director and  sales,  marketing managers, IT director, business coach. Developed on  platform 1C: Enterprise. A secure central database is stored in the  cloud or on your  server.

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Creation of checklists (questionnaires, checklists)
View detailed reports with  photos and  comments
Automatic detailed and  summary reports: tables, charts
The app is easy to install on your mobile device
Flexible checklist constructor, formation of a training schedule
Evaluation of the fulfillment of standards and competences of the seller, calculation of KPI
A lot of papers and excel spreadsheets  will remain in the past
Entering data on meeting with client
Simple, user-friendly interface with step-by-step logic
Automatic processing and  distribution of results
Hierarchical structure and  appointment of responsible persons
Settings for access rights and mailing scripts
Tests of knowledge of standards by  sales managers
Management reports available in real time
Automatic KPI calculation for performance analysis
Examples of reports:
Rating of territorial managers

Object verification control

Rating of violations

Dynamics by months

Rating of objects to be checked

Download reports in a convenient format


200+ workstations
✓ 3 individual reports developed
✓ A mechanism has been developed to automatically update the lists of employees
✓ Optimized and branded mobile application interface

Result: The customer has significantly simplified the learning process “in the  fields”.
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Automate the process of training your staff to the standards of your company using electronic checklists!


Admin panel
Here, reference checklists, lists of outlets, types of checks, graphics are created. Information about  checks is collected and  reports are generated.
Integration with accounting system
Implemented on individual request. Setting up exchanges of product data, outlets and  others.
Mobile app
Here, employees see the checks scheduled for them, note the results. All data is instantly transferred to the  Central database.

1. Plan
The manager receives consolidated reports on all trade-spots in real-time mode
4. Act
Merchandiser eliminates violations revealed and afterwards reports the results.
2. Do
Supervisor conducts items availability and display audit, marks the results into the mobile application.
3. Check
The manager receives consolidated reports on all trade-spots in real-time mode
For retail chain management:

The correct display of goods in the   conditions of high competition has long been an important tool that influences the   choice of buyers. Quality and   price always matter, but   decisive influence. A number of experts believe that up to  2/3 of  purchase decisions take place directly in the store.

There are generally accepted principles of display, which guide both merchandisers and sellers: review; availability; neatness; the corresponding type of front row goods; fullness of the shelves; the attractiveness of the packaging; well-read price marking; a certain place on the  shelf; constant replenishment of stocks.

In  2018, Rospotrebnadzor checks will be carried out according to  checklists (checklists). To prepare for the  inspection and  avoid fines, organize self-inspections by your own quality control department. This will allow the management to constantly keep a "hand on the   pulse", eliminate violations in time and   build an effective motivation system.

We have developed a handy tool for:

  • Paperless checks on  checklists.
  • Quick correction of the situation on the  shelf space.
  • Scheduled and   operational inspections of outlets,
  • Automatic generation of reports in  real time mode,
  • Calculation of KPI employees of the distribution network.


The owner and the developer of the products under “MERASOFT®” trademark is “Optimal algorithms” LLC. The company was established in 2010 and acts as the official partner of “1C” company and «Bitrix24». The main profile of the company is development, implementation and support of information systems based on “1C” company’s software products.

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