New mobile application for checks on check-lists of regulatory authorities

Tool for audit inspections of control and supervisory authorities:

The Supervision and  control application is a convenient and compact tool on the 1C:Enterprise platform for passing checks on checklists, automated generation of reports and  nbsp; prescriptions. Designed for  scheduled and operational checks on electronic checklists (checklists) of fire inspectorates, Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Rosprirodnadzor, Rostransnadzor and  other control and supervisory authorities.

  • Carry out an unlimited number of checks on  ready-made or unique checklists

  • Automate the generation of audit reports

  • Save employee time and minimize manual data entry errors

  • Synchronize information in  single, secure cloud storage

  • Leave mountains of papers, Excel and  Word files in the past

  • Check, add photos, comment on  mobile devices

Large staff or a distributed network of branches
Increased requirements for safety and quality
Supervisory bodies are regularly audited

And also to all organizations that conduct self-checks on check-lists of control and supervisory authorities, to quickly resolve the shortcomings


Optimize the work processes of inspection controllers, quality and safety director and supervisor.

  • All audit data is consolidated in a single central database
  • Updating and synchronization of information occurs in online mode
  • Automated distribution of audit results
  • Convenient designer of check-lists, scheduling of check-lists by managers
  • Multiple analysis of the results of inspections
  • Control measures aimed at eliminating the causes of "negative" checks.
  • Feedback between directors and auditors.
  • Comfortable and most effective work of specialists

IMPORTANT: The results of inspections, analytics and reporting are stored in a secure central database. The central database can be installed on your server (1C: Enterprise platform) or rented using the SaaS model

The application based on 1C, has the certificate "1C: Compatible"
Confidentiality of data is provided by mechanisms 1C and DBMS
The number of items in the checklist and checks is unlimited
Works in the mode of a normal and managed application
Installation on the server or in the cloud. The data storage period is unlimited
Differentiation of user access rights
A handy designer of checklists for working in manual mode
A handy designer of checklists for working in manual mode
Clear, no need to special training interface
Verification of master data (time, geo-location, passwords, etc.)
Work offline. Data is updated after connecting to the Internet
Turnkey implementation with further support
The owner and the developer of the products under "MERASOFT®" trademark is "Optimal algorithms" LLC. The company was established in 2010 and acts as the official partner of "1C" company and "Bitrix24".
The main profile of the company is development, implementation and support of information systems based on "1C" company’s software products.

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