How long are your licences valid?
MERASOFT software and client licences are perpetual in accordance with 1C policies.
Where can I look up audits reports in the mobile app demo-version?
The reports are formed in the server sections of “Checklist” and “Shelf” programs. Full-scale functional capabilities’ demonstration is available via Skype or at a meeting.
What features of the “Checklist” mobile app are available free of charge?
You can download the app from App Store or Google Play, conduct an audit (examination) by uploaded checklists demo-versions for various businesses, get to know mobile app’s functional all free of charge.

Attention! A new feature is planned to become available in 2018 for the users who have downloaded the free demo-version of the app — it is to conduct an audit by the Rospotrebnadzor checklist and send the results to your e-mail free of charge. Follow the updates.
Can “MERASOFT Checklist” be integrated with our “1C: Accounting” (“1C: Trade management”) program?
Upon your request our specialists will set up the interchange between the programs. We will be able to give you a more precise answer after discussing the technical requirements.
Can “MERASOFT Checklist” not be integrated with our “1C: Accounting” (“1C: Trade management”) program?
Of course, the basic version of “MERASOFT Checklist” distribution works autonomously, all source data is entered into “Checklist” and “Shelf” programs in the independent mode.
Our corporate safety policy doesn’t allow uploading corporate data to a third-party server or cloud services. Will it be possible to work with the “Checklist” mobile app under such conditions?
When purchasing software and client licences, all corporate information is to be uploaded to your server only.
Do we have to have “1C:Enterprise 8” installed?
“MERASOFT Checklist” software works provided the customer has “1C:Enterprise 8.3” installed. If you choose a “Rent” option (SaaS), it is not obligatory.
Can MERASOFT software be purchase from other “1C” partners?
All rights for MERASOFT software and licences belong to “Optimal algorithms” LLC. Official partners of “1C” may reach you directly to clarify partnership conditions. We advise customers to purchase licenсes and order integration, revisions, technical support and ITS directly from the developer.
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